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Backed by more than Thirteen years experience as Bali Trip Planner, we have been successfully handled many types of clients with varied of interests. We cater for different groups, such as individuals, couples, families and larger groups. As Bali and the islands around and beyond, Bali offer a diverse range of Tourist Attractions, Destinations and Experiences. Bali Trip Service is flexible and adaptable meeting dynamic demands with a variety of Tourism products and services.

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Our well trained and articulate licensed Bali Guides and Bali Drivers, computerized systems and enthusiastic staff and team, enable us to provide international standard services together with efficiency and professionalism which are essential in the growing borderlines global trade and competitive Travel Agencies environment.

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We invite you to visit Bali Island as your favorite Island destination in Indonesia. We will greet you personally and professionally with all segments of our team eager to meet your needs and demands.

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We are pleased and excited to provide this web site, showcasing Bali Island products and Services offered by Bali Trip Service Company. We offers wide selection of Things to Do, Tourist Object, Long Tour Trip, Daily Tours, Tour Package, Adventure Activities, Hidden Trip, Family Tour, Animal Riding Tour with beaten rate to make your Holidays unforgettable on your memories.

Our goal is not to just take you diving, but to make it the experience of a lifetime!

Scuba Diving Phuket

We are aware that there are many dive centres to choose from when it comes to your scuba diving holiday. Our main priorities are professional training, safety and enjoyment. All PADI courses at Scuba diving Phuket are carried out according to PADI safety standards and we focus on making you a confident and competent diver, rather than finishing the course as quickly as possible. Our staff is multi-lingual and highly trained and we pride ourselves on an exceptional level of customer service and professionalism. We have a strong focus on marine conservation and have been recognised with the 100% AWARE award for our ongoing contributions to preserving our oceans.

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