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Bali Culture Tours

Bali Culture Tours is unique Tour to see and learn Balinese Culture from their daily life. Traditional Costume, food, dancing, ceremony and make an offering.

Balinese Costume Photo

Balinese Costume is an exclusive tour to wear the unique and traditional Balinese costume/uniform with exclusive photo taking. The tour is offering you the rareness opportunity to wear the Balinese traditional clothes which is full of unique decoration and pattern that is looked to be very marvelous. This clothes has the iridescent colored and special individuality, full of color pattern create the beautiful image for everyone who hence it.

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Balinese Culture Lesson advance

Balinese Culture Lesson advance to make you know more about Balinese Cultures like paintings, dances, wood carving, kite making, material hand making, instrument/Gamelans, batik and others with more existing time and flexible.

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Bali Classic Culture Center

Bali Classic Center with Bali Mini provides comprehensive range of unique cultures in Bali Island. Balinese cultures are very unique and complex relating to the social life, family and religion. At Bali Classic Center you will find variety of culture activities with friendly staff that guide and present it to you.

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Ngaben Cremation Tours

Ngaben/Cremation Tour is an exciting tour to visit the unique event of dead body cremation in Bali. The tour will directly see the procession of combustion/obsequies of dead body in Bali with the unique ceremony which bring you to the experience that you never see. Ngaben/Cremation Ceremony is one of the famous Balinese Hindu ceremonies where the dead body soul return to the heaven by processing of cremation.

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Balinese Legong Dance & Dinner

Legong Dance and Dinner Tour Packageis a tour to watch the traditional dance while enjoy the delicious dinner at local restaurant in Bali. Legong Dance is one of the Balinese Traditional Dances which is danced by the beautiful young dancer. It dance owns the exciting body movement with beautiful sound of Balinese traditional gamelan. During the Legong Dance performance, it also come with other Balinese Dances such as Baris Dance

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Balinese Culture Lesson

Balinese Culture Lesson Tours is one of unique tours and travel guides to learn the comprehensive range of Balinese Cultures like paintings, dances, wood carving, kite making, material hand making, instrument/Gamelans, batik and others. It provides a short course of a part of Balinese Culture where you will have a different and unique experience during your vacation in the beautiful Island of Paradise Bali.

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