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Bali Enduro Tours at Mount Batur Volcano Tracks Image

Warmest greeting from Bali Enduro Adventures and Dirt Bike Tours

Come & join us for this unbeaten rain forest trails, lets rock and shake Bali’s rain forest with your Trail Bike Exhaust. Appreciate the sensational Bali hidden treasures and legendary Balinese hospitality. Our trail route will take you to explore Mount Batur, Kintamani Volcanic area, Bali’s waterfall, Soil and slippery Rood at Galiukir, Pupuan and Pujungan Village, Belimbing Rice Terraces, Jembrana to Cross the River

with bridge lane, Selemadeg area, Jatiluwih rice terraces and Batukaru Mountain. All track activities will make you are the special one, you are the King of Off Road Bali Island.

2 Days Bali Enduro Adventure Tour Program

DAY1. Starting the journey to break up Pujungan Trail to Batukaru Mountain, the South West part of Slope continuing to scenic Tamblingan Lake, as National Reserves and surrounding Villages. These areas are the favorite Bali’s Heritage Park, truly unspoiled Bali jungle. Ride a network of trails through spectacular views, lush rain forest trails and creek crossings. After coffee & refreshments, we are strolling toward rarely visited Munduk Waterfall. Covers all types of terrain from the lake to Munduk Traditional Village we are heading off to visit many fantastic lookouts. Lunch in the jungle by the Waterfall before heading back for more adventure. Dinner and over night at our country lodge.
Enduro Adventures Bali Image at Batukaru Mountain trailsRain Forest Day Ride tracks in TabananEnduro Tour Bali with Bali Dirt Bike Adventures
DAY2. After breakfast, we are ready for more adventure. Start at Gali Ukir Village. This Adventure Covers all types of terrain from our camp toward upper & lower jungle tracks all the way down to Sabih Water reserve, Tibu Bengkel National Reserve then back to the camp for lunch. Concluding Day 2, we are exploring more of the surroundings dense rain forest, creeks, rivers and many other natural wonders before getting back to the dirt bike camp for coffee and refreshments to end this AMAZING Bali Enduro Adventures!

Bali Multiple Enduro Adventure Tour 3, 4 or 5 Days Around the Island

Customized Bali Trail Bike Adventure is a unique experience and operation. We are always avoiding to ride on public roads and concentrating our adventure mostly on off the beaten tracks for the fun menu, excitement and obviously less hazard. It’s involved back up vehicles, back up bikes, spare riding gear, mechanical tools, light spare parts and equipments. Occasionally the participants need to be transported by vehicle from one riding area to the next while the dirt bikes are checked, repaired or even replaced and transported by pick-up truck. This will give participants the chance to explore places like temples, lake/crater, museums, traditional music/dance performances, galleries, traditional market, craft center, painters, healers, monuments, beaches and many other interesting sites in more civilized outfit, not wearing dirt bike boot. You would not miss a thing in Bali. So bring your cam & video cam for life time documentation. Non riding participants are welcome (Spouse or Family Members) and special arrangements can be tailored to fit your needs.
Bali Trail Adventure Mountain TrackMount Batur Trail on Top of MountainBali Trail Bike Sunrise Adventure Tour

Bali Enduro Adventures Riding Areas:

  • Pujungan Dirt Bike Camp – Jaring Batu – Lake Tamblingan – Munduk Waterfall and back to Dirt Bike Camp/Lodge
  • Blemantung Waterfall – Padangan Monkey Forest – Gali Ukir Jungle Reserve, Sabih Terrain, Pajahan Single Tracks & Dirt Bike Camp via Pejuritan Monkey Forest
  • Mundeh – Sanda – Mekori Temple – Blimbing Rice Terraces & Wanagiri ride. Overnight in tranquil Wanagiri Country Lodge
  • Batukaru Temple & Jatiluwih Expedition with overnight stay in Wongaya Gede Traditional Village
  • East Bali Expedition. Kintamani Volcanic ride – Lake Batur – Besakih Mother Temple to Candidasa Beach. Overnight in Candidasa Beach
  • Gali Ukir Jungle Reserve – Surabrata – Soka Beach –Serijong Temple – Dirt Bike Camp & Dirt Bike Lodge
  • Many More Exciting Expedition Routes with challenging tracks and terrains.

NOTE : All the area we past, populated with friendly people and smiling people. You can make interaction with them at any time. “WE ARE YOUR BALI MATE”

Special Rates :

  • US$ 100/Person. DAILY. MIN 2 RIDERS
    DAILY, MIN 2 RIDERS. Damage Deposit of US$ 100 Applies

Includes: Return Air Conditioned Hotel Transfers, Expert Tour Leader & A Sweeper with their bikes, Riding gear, Safety equipments, Delicious lunch at the mountain slope or hidden waterfall , Afternoon tea/coffee & refreshments, Fuel & Motorcycle hire.

  • 2 Days Bali Trail Bike Adventure Tour
    Overnight Bali Trail Adventure Tour US$ 225/Person
    DAILY, MIN 2 RIDERS. Damage Deposit of US$ 100 Applies

Includes: Return Air Conditioned Hotel Transfers ,Delicious Lunch by The Waterfall & Afternoon Tea/Coffee on Day1, Wonderful Dinner & One Night stay, Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Tea on Day2, Expert Tour Guide & A Sweeper with their bikes, Fuel, Motorcycle hire & Safety riding gear

  • Multiple Days Dirt Bike Tour & Adventure 3, 4 or 5 Days Expedition
    US$ 125 / person/Day, all inclusive + Sight Seeing Tour Bonuses
    MINIMUM 4 PERSONS. Damage Deposit of US$ 100 Applies

INCLUDES: Hotel / Airport pick-up & Drop off, Expert Tour Guides & Sweepers with their bikes, back-up bikes, pickup truck, vehicle and mechanical tools, 3 meals/day, Non Alcohol Drinks, Coffee/Tea & Refreshments, Dirt Bike Hire, All Fuel, Riding Gear & Safety Equipments, Entrance Fees and Accommodations

Total Duration: 10 hours / Day
NO Current Riding License is Required. Damage Deposit of US$ 100 AppliesAs our experience we will arrived at Bali Trail Adventure finish point by late afternoon. We set up tea, coffee and refreshment are served in a traditional kitchen using fire woods to conclude your unforgettable Bali Trail Bike Adventure.
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