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Swimming With Melka Dolphin

Dolphin Interaction Swimming at Melka – Lovina

Join us to get an unforgotten adventure experience in Bali Island by swim with Bali Dolphin at Melka Excelsior Hotel Resort – Lovina Beach, north part of Bali. One life time experience to swim with friendly and smart Mammalia animal in Earth. Swimming with dolphins at Melka Excelsior Hotel Resort- Bali is a very special experience in any bodies life. Many people worldwide wish once in her life to swim with Dolphin. For all Bali visitors Melka Excelsior Hotel can fulfill your dream. Swimming with dolphins in our salt water pools is a very safe opportunity for all people in any age to meet and swim with Melka Dolphins.

Melka Excelsior also provides a Bali Dolphin Therapy Center that offers Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) and healing program to children & adults with paralysis, critical illnesses, disabilities, condition after stroke and special needs from all over the world. We invite you to meet our therapist, learn about (DAT) Dolphin Assisted Therapy: healing, explore great resources for families and meet our dolphins in a peaceful atmosphere at the unique Melka Excelsior Hotel Resort on Bali Island.

The dolphins at Melka are very special. Three have been rescued from a circus where they were severely mistreated, and one was injured in a fishing net. Here they have recovered their health. Now they work with humans for play and healing. If you come to the dolphin pool you are entering their home. In the ocean, dolphins travel great distances and have complete freedom to move quickly wherever they wish to go. They can choose whether or not to interact with humans. So here we must respect their space.

Did you know that researchers believe that:

  • Dolphins have their own language with up to a trillion words
  • Dolphin brains are larger than human brains and have 40% more thinking ability
  • Dolphins have abilities to heal humans that we do not yet fully understand.
  • Dolphins once walked on land
  • Dolphins use sonar to locate items and communicate
  • Dolphins are intelligent creatures who have capabilities equal to or exceeding humans

Meet Melka Smart Dolphins: Gombloh, Ucil, John and Jack!

Special Rates:

In house guest

  • In house guest/children 250.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes
  • In house guest/adult 550.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes
  • Family ( 2 adults & 2 children) 1.000.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes

Walk-in guests

  • Walk-in guest/children 350.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes
  • Walk-in guest/adult 700.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes
  • Family ( 2 adults & 2 children) 1.600.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes

Dolphin Show at 9am & 4pm

  • In house guest free up to 20 minutes
  • Walk-in guests (adults) 60.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes
  • Walk-in guests(children under 10 years) 40.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes
  • Family ( 2 adults & 2 children) 160.000 Rupiah up to 20 minutes

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PLEASE NOTE: Because of safety precaution children under age of 2 years are not allowed to enter the dolphin pools. Therapy and other treatments will be held on the edge of the dolphin pool with visual and touching contact to the dolphins – no charge!

For Walking Guest who’s want to swim with Melka Dolphin should be depart 06:00 am for Morning Trip and 13:00 pm for Afternoon Trip!