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Kite Surfing at Sanur Beach Image Five

Kite surfing – Kite boarding is popular extreme sport at Sanur Beach

The speed of windsurfing, the funambulists tricks of wakeboarding, the smooth carving on waves of surfers and the incredible jumps that make you literally fly
No wonder that this amazing sport is gaining so much popularity in Bali the movement started in 1999, and being populer very soon.

Learn to ride with the PRO
 Only the best and latest 2010 Equipment from
Cabrinha – Ozone – Peter Lynn – Underground

Safety First!
The lessons are conducted in a safe user-friendly environment and lessons can be structured to suit individual’s need. Your safety is of utmost importance to us so we use 3 special designed rescue boats to keep a close eye on you.

We chase the Wind!
The school is mobile and we always look for the best conditions for wind and tides. Mostly we teach in Sanur at Kite Beach.

Don’t Waste time and money!
You will learn faster with our unique teaching system! Using the IKF/FKI system with the use of the latest technologies:
Foil Kites, Inflatable kites, Wakeboarding and Buggy

Price include all the equipment: kite, board, harness, impact vest and helmetINSTRUCTOR ALWAYS FOLLOW STUDENT BY BOAT

Beginner Kiteboarder Program
Level One – 2 Hours Rp. 900.000

(1 hour on Land & 1 hour in the Water)
You will be taken through the steps of know the equipment, set it up, launching, landing and self rescue.
Learn how to pilot a 2 and a 4 lines kite and straight out at sea for body dragging in the water & waterstart. You will also learn about safety and how important it is to the sport.

Intermediate Kiteboarder Program
Level Two – 1 hour Rp. 600.000 

By the end of the intermediate program you will be riding on the board experiencing the stoke of flying on water.During the course, you will improve kite piloting with more power.

Independent Kiteboarder Program
Level Three – 1 hour Rp. 600.000

Learn to ride constantly in both directions. During this program, you will learn how to manage your practice area and to choose your equipment. Your kite flying skills will be improved and you will learn how to control your board and power and power in the kite. You will be able to fly more powerful kites.Level 3 is a continue work in progress and more lessons may be needed to succeed.

Private Coaching One on One
Rp.500.000/hour “Not Include Equipment”
Let us help you develop your skills and fine tune and techniques. Our instructor is ready to teach for those who want to boost air, loop, wave riding, carving and more.

 Wave Riding Coaching
Rp. 700.000 per session include Wave Surf Board

Come with me to learn to ride Waves! I will take you to the best waves spot in Bali and teach you step by step how to become a real wave rider.Only for expert kiters that want to push it to the next level

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