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Bali Golf Tournaments and Tours

Bali is featured by 5 luxury golf courses those are 4 golf courses completed by 18 holes and one of 9 holes. Balitripservice.com is proud to arrange golf tournaments in all golf courses available in the island and we will perform your group event successfully. We work together with each golf course to arrange your group tournament and fit to your group favorite game categories.  We manage the entire necessary arrangements associate with your group event and other vendors to firm all event programs are running smoothly.

Games Categories or System

We associate with each golf course to accommodate your favorite game categories or systems which are mostly fit your requirements. Each of golf course in Bali offer the flexibility of tournament system which are common use the international tournament system like Double Peoria Handicap System, Call away System, Chicago System, Handicap 36 System and Mixed Foursomes System.

Golf Courses

There are 5 luxury golf courses available in Bali and those are designed by perfect and beautiful landscape, fashionable and full of challenges. Those are featured by the dramatic location, fascination to the local cultures, panoramic views and luxury club houses. Among of 5 golf courses, there 4 golf course are completed by 18 holes of green tees and one golf course with 9 holes of green tees.

  • New Kuta Golf
  • Nirwana Bali Golf and Country Club
  • Nusa Dua Bali Golf and Country Club
  • Bali Handara Kosaido and Country Club
  • Bali Beach Golf Course

Services and Facilities

  • Program design
  • Logistic and equipment
  • Transportation
  • Banners and installation
  • Promotion and sponsor ship
  • Accommodations
  • VIP Airport services
  • Documentations
  • Legal and Official Permits

Golf Course Services and Facilities

  • Green fee
  • Golf cart
  • Caddy
  • Scorer
  • Marshal
  • Restaurants
  • Lockers