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Bali Buggy Ride Dirt TrackBuggy Ride Adventure







Bali Buggy Riding to Challenge Off Road Track and  Explore Real Bali Island like what it was!

The Bali Buggy bring you to a part of Bali where you still can find old traditions alive. You will drive your self with a specially designed off road car or 4-wheel motorcycle that copes with all kinds of terrain through an authentic part of Bali, passing rice fields, crossing jungle and driving through some Balinese kampongs (villages).Our tours start from Payangan area, which is a rural area in the central part of Bali, not so far away from Ubud, and between 1 hour and 1 hour fifteen minutes driving from the popular tourist destinations of Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur.

The ATV 4 wheelers and the buggies are user friendly and easy to handle (see specifications).. Our tours combine a great experience of driving your own off road vehicle (or enjoying the ride as a co pilot) with the opportunity to learn about the way the local people live.You will follow our experienced guides by driving between beautiful rice fields, pass the rainforest and drive up the mountain. It doesn’t matter if you have ever driven a quad bike or a buggy before Furthermore no driving license is needed. However the limitation for self driving is 16 years of age. The younger participants (starting from 5 years of age) can join the tour as a co-pilot.Buggy Ride Tour
With Bali Trip Service will make your adventure Buggy Ride more memorial.After arrival in our starting point  and having received your welcome drink, you will get started by practicing your vehicle on our training circuit, and after driving some test tracks on our practice spot, you will be able to operate it yourself and start for some 2 hours of an adventurous sightseeing tour
During the tour there will be a short stop along the way, where you can enjoy real Balinese coffee at a traditional house. From there we continue the tour through different landscapes. Be ready for some views beyond description. When we finally reach the ending point, you can enjoy our popular extended hot lunch buffet (included).

What makes our tour unique is the fact that we reach the most hidden spots on the island, were we meet the friendly local people, and we mostly use small tracks which are also used by them. To ensure that we don’t disturb the environment, and to give all our participants a maximum of assistance and service, we normally only drive with small groups. All of our tours are accompanied by experienced, English speaking guides. If we have people joining with very different skills, we will split up in different groups, to make sure that everybody can enjoy in his own way. Therefore, our tours are suitable for all ages, as long as you are in a good physical shape.

Bali Buggy Ride TrackBuggy Ride Bali Village Track

We want our tour to be the high light of your holiday in Bali, and therefore you can be assured that we do our utmost best to achieve that goal. We wish you a very good time in Bali, and look forward to seeing you soon at Bali Trip Service


Area Early birds Morning Afternoon
Nusa dua
9.30h-9.45h 12.00h-12.15h
9.30h-9.45h 12.00h-12.15h
Sanur 7.30h-7.45h 10.00h-10.15h 12.30h-12.45h
Ubud 8.00h-8.15h 10.30h-10.45h 13.00h-13.15h
Package Activities adult pilot adult tandem adult + child
buggy driving
buggy driving + tubing
buggy driving + rafting
buggy driving + elephant safari 158 268 248
Tubing adventure
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Tubing + elephant safari Taro

Tours inclusive off:

  • 21 % government tax & service
  • Air conditioned return transport,
  • US$ 50.000 personal insurance,
  • Coffee, tea, snacks, juice, hot lunch buffet
  • Mineral water
  • All Rate quote in US$
  • We provide all necessary equipment and facilities for quad biking, buggy driving, tubing and rafting

What to bring:
For the quad and buggy tours you need solid shoes, a pair of extra clothes, sun screen and sun glasses. Safety equipment will be provided by us. For the tubing and rafting adventure we recommend shorts or swimming suit, T-shirt, sport- or river shoes (no heels). We provide water-resistant bags for valuables on tubing and rafting trips.